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PREACHING PLAN [May be subject to Change]
Where a Service is listed as Local Arrangement the Church Stewards are looking at Service arrangements and details will be notified nearer the time.

All Services at 10.30 am unless otherwise stated

 From 6th September a Weekly YouTube service will be available on our About us [Home] Page and here until further Notice.

Service for 20th September 2020 with Princes Avenue Due to Technical Reasons the Shared Service with Trinity was not possible

Service  streamed under CCLI Streaming Licence 159357 [30/09/2021] 

Church Steward's Rota to 30/8/20 

Date Vestry Steward Door Stewards

CAN YOU HELP We need more people to offer to read lessons on Sunday Mornings. Pauline Winn would love to hear from you if you feel able to do this occasionally.


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