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Visitor Information etc




PLEASE NOTE - Organisers of events on the premises involving Children and Young people [including family celebrations]
maybe required to produce an up to date DBS [Formerly CRB] Declaration
or be required to fill a DBS Declaration before hiring any room

We also adhere to the Data Protection legislation a copy of our guidelines can be downloaded HERE



Hymn Books are available but on request as they have been removed from the church in favour of electronic systems . 
Electronic versions of Hymns available include Hymns & Psalms, Digital Hymnbook parts 1-6 , Singing the Faith ,Mission Praise Combined and Hymn Quest [we have access to over 26,000 hymn versions from over 450 books currently available for projection and SongSelect [not necessarily the correct tune can be used] ].We also have over 2000 music sound files of Public Domain Hymn Tunes mainly played on a pipe organ and the full sound version of Singing the faith.
We have the Methodist Worship Book [which has also been removed from the chairs but will be available for certain services] items have or are being converted for projection and the electronic "At the Breaking of Bread" is also available. Items can be created for projection so long as it is legal and the copyright is covered by one of our licences {Please see below for Details of what we can or can't use in a Public Act of Worship]

The preaching position is open plan as the Pulpit has been removed {see photo above] .The Preaching lectern has a static backup microphone , The Reading Lectern has a static microphone and in addition we have two radio microphones. If additional microphone positions are required contact below at least 4 days before appointment. [A new Audio system was introduced in June 2017]

A CD player is included in the sound system (please give 4 days notice)

We use the new standard 16:9 [Wide Screen] data projection system [with front facing repeater screen] upgraded in June 2017 .Hymns are Projected during the service.The system can be used for graphics and Video/audio presentations [So long as they are legal -Please Note most YouTube Videos are not covered under Church licences and need special permission to be used] etc during the Service - please give at least a weeks notice. (if a programme has to be created then at least two weeks).

The church is fitted with a loop system for the hard of hearing .

Please e mail Malcolm Lucas (for Audio) or Bob Lawe [Projection and IT] if any of the above are required for the preaching appointment.

[ Please note some of the above may not be available at all times]

MRL Licence No 1053615
PRS Licence No 458259
CCL Licence No 1053608
VL Licence No 1320207
PPL Licence No 1830443
Copyright Licencing Agency Church Licence No 2118951
Streaming Licence Plus 159357 
CCLI Licences valid to 31/03/2025 [Physical Copy of Licence now not issued]

  One Licence No A-632455   valid to 28/02/2025


We have several rooms that can be hired for various occasions and groups. For details on hiring the rooms and availability contact the Booking Secretary [Christine Hook]   Email Christine Hook


Bricknell Avenue is a certified FAIRTRADE Church and encourages the use of Fairtrade products on its premises for ALL meetings and events.

Fairtrade products are available by contacting Sue Weatherall

The taking of any Photographs/Video or Audio recordings during any form of Service within the Church Building is unfortunately illegal under Church Copyright Law unless specifically licenced under our streaming Licence.

If a wedding Video or Photography is required during the ceremony then a Wedding Video Recording Licence must be obtained.[Please note Bricknell does not have any financial gain under this licence]

In certain circumstances the Licence may be waived, but written permission from either the Minister or Senior Steward MUST be obtained .

For a Wedding Ceremony ; Funeral; etc any Hymn that is printed in an order of Service of any kind - MUST have the Church's CCL licence number printed [CCL 1053608 ] and the name of the Author and copyright holder against each hymn.

Any extra music played during a Ceremony ie on CD ; Homemade CD compilation; tape,or any mechanical or digital reproduction method, details of All music [ Title, Album Title , Author, Composer, Copyright Holder ; Publication date ] must be given to the PA operator, Senior Steward or Minister,as these have to be notified under our copyright licence and Performing Rights Law.

This may seem a bit extreme but it saves either the Church or the Wedding couple being liable to a fine under the Copyright Laws which carries a maximum fine of £50,000 or 2 years in prison

Service Copyright FAQs

Updated NOV 2021

We have received a few enquiries regarding showing of films, YouTube clips, certain songs not in the CCLI system.


  • Bible Society – Permission is granted to download or show videos from either the Bible Society website or its youtube material, the website videos are downloadable.
  • Hillsong – All Hillsong resource is created with the express purpose of enhancing worship. Therefore, as long as you are not reproducing or broadcasting the resource or charging admission, you can use any Hillsong resource before, during and after your worship service. This includes all CD’s, Split Tracks, DVDs and YouTube clips.
  • IONA Community – A question was raised that these songs are not covered by the CCLI, these are now covered by CCLI, information below, as there are some exceptions, e.g. electronic use: however they are covered under a One Licence and many are now available under CCLI
  • [Bricknell does have a licence for such permission of electronic use, e.g. projection,]
  • iTunes – Permission is granted to use media downloaded from iTunes from personal accounts in Church, both music and videos.
  • The Great Commission – Permission is granted for Churches and groups to use the videos on the website
  • VEVO – Permission is granted to stream media only, they cannot be edited or monitized.
  • We Are Worship – Permission is granted to stream videos for use in services, as long as they are reported under the CCLI licence.  However, permisison is not granted to copy, embed or store them in any way. We Are Worship Video’s
  • Working Preacher – Permission to use videos and all materials, MUST give corresponding credit when used.
  • Worship House Media  – You may use the Content in virtually any kind of corporate setting: church services, conferences, Bible studies, multimedia presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, etc.


  • CCLI – YouTube clips are not allowed to be shown, unless the copyright holders permission is obtained. However with a streaming licence it is possible to play many more YouTube clips and especially as a large number of hymns have been specially recorded for use in Churches and have been uploaded to YouTube and carry a disclaimer to allow use in Churches
  • YouTube – having contacted YouTube directly: the copyright holders permission is required for video clips to be shown .However with a streaming licence it is possible to play many more YouTube clips and especially as a large number of hymns have been specially recorded for use in Churches and have been uploaded to YouTube
  • Godtube – Godtube clips are also not allowed to be shown.

Other Items of note.

  • Taize – the organisation has been emailed to ask for obtain permission to use Taize songs/materials for use in Church, Circuit (& Godpod) permission for Taize songs usage has been saught- we are awaiting a repsonse.  Most Taize may be used under a OneLicence Licence
    if hosting a Taize Service please refrain from using ‘Taize Themed’ but simply call it a ‘Taize Service’
  • FILMS –  CCLI, Advertising of films being shown, the position is that the name of the film cannot be advertised outside of the Church or on social media or a website, but it can be on handouts. that are a personal invite.  Posters advertising the film can be shown inside Church but must not be visible from the outside.

[Information complied by Mark Thompson for Lincoln Methodist Circuit but applies to all Churches One Licence and updates by RPL]


Your Information

We take privacy seriously. We do not share your information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal information outside of Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church. Your information is only used within Bricknell Avenue Methodist to ensure we offer you an unrivalled service

We follow European Union and United Kingdom Data Protection laws that state no information is passed to external parties without your express written consent and the information we do have cannot be used for any purpose other than the reason for the data being originally collected.

Your Rights

You can request to view the information that we hold about you at any time. To make a request, please send an email to The webmaster subject=Your Rights"

Thank You, The Webmaster.


Information on this website remains proprietary and is not constituted to be in the public domain.

This website is provided for and on behalf of Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church Hull as an online forum for information exchange and communication,

You may view, download, and print materials from the Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church web site for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not modify, distribute, reproduce, publish, license, sell, create derivative works from, or remove proprietary rights notices from any materials on the Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church web site without the express written permission of The Webmaster Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church. You should assume that all materials on the Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church web site are the copyrighted materials of Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church or its licensors.All photographs unless stated to source or ownership are © Bob Lawe on behalf of Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church. All rights are reserved.

Comments, information or materials that you wish to submit to Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church through this web site are welcome. Any materials or information you submit to Bricknell Avenue will become the property of Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church and may use the materials and information in an unrestricted way.

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