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The School rooms and the Church are in use most days of the week not only with our own regular meetings but also outside organisations such as Maureen Hunter Singers -  Miss Fleur - Bricknell Belles-Hull Savoyards -Slimming World -Busy Bees -YPI Table Tennis - piano classes etc. also additional Committee meetings for both Church and Circuit.
If you would like to book a room for your organisation or for a children's party then contact Christine -Room Bookings secretary who will be able to give you details of the Charges and availability- Please note that Church organised events take priority over all room bookings


From Sunday 12th January there will be a Sunday School for all Children once a month initially meeting at 10.30 am on the second Sunday of the month 


meetings start at 7:45 pm unless otherwise stated.


18th Feb - Meal out at Pasco's

Thursday Social
[Every fortnight  1pm-3pm]
Features include jigsaws, knitting, crochet, card games, art & crafts, puzzles, child free chats and more. Refreshments provided


Feb  20th

Saturday Coffee Morning [2nd Saturday of Each month]

10-12 noon   Tea & Coffee 50p  Cake and Book stall 


BUSY BEE'S [Term Time Only]
Including Once a month Toddler Praise.

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