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Bricknell  Times

The Bricknell  Times [Formerly Bricknell Link]

As from  December 2019 the Bricknell Link has been reformatted as Bricknell Times
Versions of the New newsheet will appear on this page  and gradually replace the older versions of "The Link" 

Bricknell Times [PDF Versions]


December 2019 


From January 2020 the Bricknell Times will  NO  LONGER be delivered  Copies are available from Church or via this Web Page

January 2020 

March 2020 

April 2020 

Pdf versions of The Link Newsletter are available to download below.

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Please note The Link is now bi- monthly ie editions will cover August/September October/November December/January February/March April/May June/July

October / November 2019

August / September 2019

June / July 2019

April/May 2019

Please note that we hold pdf copies of the Link's on this computer dating back to 2014 and there are disc versions of earlier copies held and also held in the Local History section of the Central Library. 

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